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ACUPUNCTURE BELLEVUE All Natural Healing Center in Bellevue

"I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy about a month ago and was referred to Dr. Kim by a friend of my parents who have gone to him with the same diagnosis. I initially thought that acupuncture wouldn’t work. But after eleven sessions for the duration of one month, I went from having almost no ability to speak, eat, and drink to being able to have full speech and the ability to eat and drink without any issues." 

S. R. from Kirkland, patient of Dr. Kim

"I came to see Dr. Kim because of anxiety, heart palpitations, and insomnia. I had been to medical doctors, who would have loaded me up on medications, and chiropractors, but they could not help me. I had suffered with these dysfunctions all my life, but after only two treatments, I had an amazing turn around. I sleep through the night, breathe better, no anxiety, and my heart is much, much stronger! Dr. Kim did his best for me, and I followed his advice to see such rapid excellent results!" 

R. C. from Everett, patient of Dr. Kim

"I had severe back and neck pain for the past 11 years. After my first appointment with Dr. Kim, I noticed a considerable difference the very next morning. I have had only two appointments so far, but I feel the best I have ever felt! Dr. Kim is a gift that has come into my life. I have been looking for some natural healing for quite some time and Dr. Kim is without a doubt the best! He is a gem! I have and will continue to recommended my friends and family to see him"

J. N. from Seattle, patient of Dr. Kim

"For over 20 years I had serious chronic coughing with no relief from medical doctors. After my first treatment with Dr. Kim, I noticed an improvement in my breathing and I wasn’t coughing as frequently. This was the very thing I was looking for! Dr. Kim made me herbal medicine, which has helped to speed along my healing. I am feeling so much better, I will recommend him to anyone who wants to see results and feel better!" 

H. D. from Clyde Hill, Patient of Dr. Kim

"I injured my shoulder a few days before I came to see Dr. Kim, and the pain was gone the next morning! I always expect amazing results from seeing Dr. Kim, and I always recommend him to my friends. He has such a caring manner and is extremely knowledgeable; I trust him with all my health concerns and he is always honest with me. Also, the therapy rooms are beautiful and inviting with fresh, healing flower arrangements in each one." 

D. B. Bellevue, patient of Dr. Kim

"I was suffering terribly with a severely swollen and painful gland in my neck when I came to see Dr. Kim. It was so swollen; I looked like I had the measles! Immediately after the first treatment I could tell there was a difference, and after 6 treatments, it had become so small I hardly notice it. Throughout my life, I have had acupuncture from many different acupuncturists, but I have never experienced the knowledge and technique Dr. Kim has. His treatments are far better than anything I have experienced in the acupuncture world. The results are fantastic! I will recommend Dr. Kim to everyone I know." 

J. R. from Redmond, patient of Dr. Kim

ACUPUNCTURE BELLEVUE All Natural Healing Center in Bellevue

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