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About Dr. Nam H. Kim

Dr. Kim is a second generation acupuncturist after his father. Acupuncture runs in the blood as he comes from a family of amazing acupuncturists. Growing up, he was deeply motivated by his father's willingness to help those in need, poor or otherwise. Dr. Kim has followed in his father's footsteps with the dream of benefiting the community with acupuncture.

He took over his father's practice in Seoul, Korea before moving to the United States to spread his knowledge of oriental medicine in a Western culture. In Washington State, Dr. Kim has found a substantial amount of appreciation among his patients for his drug-free approach to common medical ailments. Throughout his career, he was a professor at Kansai College of Spinology & Chiropractic in Japan. Finally, he has travelled around South East Asia and Central America with his Church group to help the elderly people that are in need with medical health and care. Overall, Dr. Kim is delighted to give patients a safe, painless, and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical conditions.

A doctor cannot treat his patients effectively unless he himself is in great health. In order to maintain that consistent health and energy, Dr. Kim personally enjoys sword martial arts (Kendo), flower arrangement, and has painted many horses. He relates Qi to his passions. Kendo represents morality (positive energy) and his flower arrangements represents tranquility. He has a professional certification from Korea Kumdo (Kendo) Association and earned 5 Dan (black belts) throughout his kendo career. By Dr. Kim doing both of his passion, he believes that it is a perfect balance of life (+/-). Finally, he truly believes that a horse is an immense part of Qi and has a perfect balance. Horses are calm when they rest and when they run, they get exceedingly energized. 

Just like another art form, he strives to treat his patients effectively and bring them back to full health with kindness and care.  


Additional education and experience: 

- University of South Baylo, CA. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

- The State of California, Acupuncture Board License

- The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

- Washington State Department of Health, East Asian Medical Practitioner License

- Member of The American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

- Professor at Kansai College of Spinology & Chiropractic at Kansai, Japan.

- Professional Certification from Korea Kumdo (Kendo) Association. 5 Dan (Black Belts)

- Medical services & community health work in South East Asia & Central America 

- Master of Korean Traditional Flower Arrangement 

- Author of 2 books in Korean, Reflexology of the Foot, 1999 and Reflexology of the Foot Part 2, 2000.

- Displaying his artworks at the Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, WA as a member of the Gallery 

- Playing a saxophone on the street downtown Kirkland on second Friday evening 

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